Nestled on almost 35,000 contiguous acres in Thomson, Georgia, Belle Meade Hunt  is one of North America’s premier fox hunting venues.  Foxboro Farm is strategically located in the middle of Belle Meade Hunt  country and most of our clients are foxhunters. 

Many Foxboro Farm boarders hack the 2 ½ miles over to each hunt. It’s a lot of fun and the warm-up can help take the edge off of some horses. Of course we trailer horses to and from each meet as well.  

Trail riding is a big deal at Foxboro Farm as we have access to 300 acres year round and an additional 350 acres outside of deer season. The inspiration for the trail and jump system at Foxboro Farm came from the Hitchcock Woods in Aiken, South Carolina. With the vast array of jumps and varied terrain, green horses or green riders can develop their skills before they go hunting.

Foxboro Farm is simply one of the most fun places you and your horse could ever find to play together. Many people call Foxboro Farm “the ultimate playground for horse riders.”

If you like foxhunting, trail riding or just quality time with your horse – you will love Foxboro Farm.  Call for an appointment. We will be glad to show you around personally.

Epp & Judith Wilson

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